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had it been crossed out? i had no clue so i woke up my dad and asked him. he said it was underlined. damn it!
stubid, stubid, dumb.
song panik- bratmobile
peace (its like so whatever)
My failed attempt at stopping people from being racist, is a perfect snap shot of my life.
postal service-such great hights
Peace or whatever

Save the Internet | Rock the Vote
Here is a video where white men talk about the wonders of net nutrality.
Sorry its been so long sense there has been a show. I've been busy/lazy. I've also been having issues with up loading the show, so disregard what i say at the end about changing the feed.
Regardless. This show is #35- No one has scissors. The song is "spectacle" by Anna Oxygen.
Wishes for a more canadian U.S.A.
At least i'm honest.
song- we think we're sane by Schema
e mail - wannabecanadianpodcast@yahoo.com
early halloween episode.
song- If you shot the head you kill the goul - jeff lewis - www.thejeffreylewissite.com
we get locked out of our house.
song - magic of crashing stars - tender forever - takemybreathaway.net
e mail me at wannabecanadianpodcast @ yahoo.com
Peace (or whatever)
Hey- I'm just writting this to say that I REALLY want to post a show, but I keep running into a wall and its really madding. I've been listening to this american life ( thislife.org ) and sewing stuff a lot, just having brain dead time. Its asoume.
Hey, I'm real sorry that I haven't put out the 9-11 episode yet... don't worry its coming, I'm just real busy with school and home-ick-work. You can still send me your 9-11 storys- it will be out sometime this weekend (as well as a normal show- mattering on the amount of homework) .

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